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Laughing Out Loud

One of the most common (almost to a stereotypical level) effects of marijuana are that it causes uncontrollable laughter to its users. This is usually considered to be an enjoyable part of the experience, although it can affect you if you get an uncontrollable laughing fit while at work or within an inappropriate social setting. … Continue reading Laughing Out Loud


Effects Of Marijuana On Athletic Performance

As an athlete, you are always looking for ways to boost your performance. The hottest discussion in the athlete world right now is the effect of cannabis on performance. Some say pot boosts their performance, especially in the gym. But others are adamant that, like other drugs, weed will affect the performance of an athlete. … Continue reading Effects Of Marijuana On Athletic Performance


What States Are Next To Legalize Recreational Use?

One of the biggest social issues in modern America has been the legalization of marijuana. The nationwide general social survey found that in 2016, 57% of Americans were in favor of the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. Most interesting was that the support seemed to cut across party affiliation lines. Presently, 9 states have … Continue reading What States Are Next To Legalize Recreational Use?


Weed Friendly Threads

The internet has made interacting with people of similar interests across the world much easier than before. It is common to find online communities bringing together people of diverse ages and nationalities onto one platform making interaction easier. Cannabis enthusiasts have not been left behind as a number of community forums or threads have been … Continue reading Weed Friendly Threads

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 Smoking Abroad: Where Is Pot Legal?

Smoking pot is restricted in the US with only a few states legalizing its use for recreational and medical purposes. In many countries, the story is the same with possession of cannabis being illegal and its use banned completely. Fortunately, some countries have laws that are much more relaxed allowing citizens and foreigners to light … Continue reading  Smoking Abroad: Where Is Pot Legal?


Cannabis Candy: Discover The Flavors

The words sweet and marijuana may sound awkward in the same sentence but surprisingly it’s quite common when describing cannabis candy. This unique candy has replaced the older edibles that were full of calories and only served to increase one’s waistline while leaving a bitter taste in the mouth. Fortunately, cannabis treats that are much … Continue reading Cannabis Candy: Discover The Flavors


Frozen 420 Smoothie Recipes that Will Flip Your Lid!

As many of you already know, two items are extra healthy for you and are both delicious. One would be smoothies that are an excellent way to start your day, finish a workout or enjoy as a hard food supplement. The other of course is our favorite ingredient to add to these lovely recipes, otherwise … Continue reading Frozen 420 Smoothie Recipes that Will Flip Your Lid!

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Head Shop History

A head shop is a store where products of interest to cannabis users are sold. This paraphernalia includes home décor, clothing, magazines, antiques, and cannabis accessories. The history of head shops in America dates back in the 1960s.  Although the origin of the name ‘head shop’ is not clear, it may have been coined from … Continue reading Head Shop History


Fresh Weed! Best Way To Store Your Stash

If you pick your stash tonight, smoke some of it this weekend and keep some for the next weekend, will it still be fresh? What if you find some nuggets tucked in your winter jacket from a last year’s snowboarding trip?  – Will it still be good? When stored improperly, cannabis dries out, and within … Continue reading Fresh Weed! Best Way To Store Your Stash