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Laughing Out Loud

One of the most common (almost to a stereotypical level) effects of marijuana are that it causes uncontrollable laughter to its users. This is usually considered to be an enjoyable part of the experience, although it can affect you if you get an uncontrollable laughing fit while at work or within an inappropriate social setting. … Continue reading Laughing Out Loud


Weed Friendly TV

Weed has been a big part of the American entertainment scene. It is an occurring theme that ‘creative types’ thrive on marijuana usage. Big names such as Cheech & Chong, Snoop Dogg (formerly known as Snoop Lion) and Seth Rogen are some of the most famous weed enthusiasts who have gained mainstream success. When it … Continue reading Weed Friendly TV


Finding 420 love

This is the digital age and dating has become hard. Meeting people in an old-fashioned way may sound ideal, but rarely happens. The good news is that there are online services and dating apps to help reduce the stress and bring together like-minded lovers. For those who indulge in consuming marijuana finding a fellow 420 … Continue reading Finding 420 love


Naming Weed Strains

Funny weed strain names such as Black Beauty, Buddha’s Sister, and Super Glue leave you wondering how weed strains are named. Some names sound well thought while most sound random. After exploring the names, you are left wondering whether there is a particular formula for naming strains. Read on to find out. The origin of … Continue reading Naming Weed Strains


Marijuana Subscription Boxes

You have just got home after a long day of work craving the relaxing feeling of weed. Then, oops! You are out of rolling paper or your vaporizer is too dirty to use. You start wishing “if only there was a weed supply delivery service?” But there is. Just like we have clothes, flowers, chocolate, … Continue reading Marijuana Subscription Boxes


Best Buds On A Budget

With more and more states legalizing recreational marijuana, it has never been easier to access quality weed. However, as with most industries, this quality has had a remarket impact on cannabis prices. If you are on a budget, it might be difficult for you to blaze up on a regular basis. This guide will help … Continue reading Best Buds On A Budget


Cool Products For Your Camping Trip

If you are planning a camping trip within a 420 friendly campsite, you will quickly learn that nothing beats enjoying a toke (or edibles) while surrounded by nature. With more states legalizing or reducing restrictions, on recreational marijuana use; every stoner needs to experience the sensation of enjoying their favorite marijuana products surrounded by nature. … Continue reading Cool Products For Your Camping Trip


420 Bed & Breakfast

The number 420 holds a special place in stoner world but the origin is often debated. Some claim that 420 denotes the total number of chemical compounds in a marijuana bud while others assert that it’s the police code for a pot-related crime. Whatever the origin of the story, it’s not hard to deduce what … Continue reading 420 Bed & Breakfast

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Moving for Medical Marijuana

In the United States, medical marijuana is often recommended by doctors to treat certain ailments or medical conditions. The marijuana plant is often used as a whole but in some cases, its extracts are enough to treat a wide array of ailments. However, its medical use is only allowed in some states requiring those that … Continue reading Moving for Medical Marijuana


The Chill Lifestyle

Remaining calm when high is an art that is learned over time. Whether it is your first time to taste marijuana or generally have a hard time keeping your lid on after a few puffs, staying chill is part of the ideal experience of a cannabis user. Since getting high has become much easier, it … Continue reading The Chill Lifestyle