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High There! Men’s Clothing
The app makes meeting, connecting, and hanging out with fellow Cannabis consumers easier than ever, but High There! is more than that – it’s a lifestyle brand. You can take it into the outside world with our men’s clothing line.

We provide tank tops, tee shirts, and hoodies, all designed to show off your particular interest. Our men’s clothing comes in sizes from M to XXXL, and is made of 100% cotton for comfort and durability. We offer a selection of shirts displaying the High There! logo, as well as our broccoli graphic tee. Or select from our slogan shirts; “#blunt”, “Coffee and Kush”, “High AF”, and “Wakey Bakey”. Great for showing off your interests or as a gift for someone who shares them.

In addition to our men’s clothing line, we also offer a selection of women’s clothing, as well as wearable and miscellaneous accessories that are great for Cannabis consumers regardless of gender.