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Becoming A Budtender

The recent legalization of marijuana in several states is creating lots of jobs. One of the most profitable jobs in the marijuana industry is the job of a budtender. As a weed fanatic and close follower of our blog, you are probably familiar with this term. However, do you really know who a budtender is … Continue reading Becoming A Budtender


Cannabis Cafe’s

Did you know it is legal to provide a safe place for people to take weed? Yes, weed might still be illegal in most US states, but cannabis cafes are legal. Anyone aged 21 and above can walk into a cannabis cafe with their own supplies. These cafes operate much like a regular coffee shop. … Continue reading Cannabis Cafe’s


Recreational Weed For Newbies

The US is now almost ‘a marijuana country’. About 70 million of Americans live in the 8 states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Actually, half of the country has some laws allowing the use of marijuana. The implication of this data is that there are more people, including you, contemplating on trying weed … Continue reading Recreational Weed For Newbies


Marijuana Street Names 

There is no drug on the planet with more street names than marijuana. Some street names are unique to the geographical area, while most come from the intoxicating feeling, the physical appearance, the aroma, or the high-quality they provide. But, the main reason there are so many names is that, as many people get to … Continue reading Marijuana Street Names 


Marijuana Beverages

While there are conservative weed users who still prefer smoking, there is a growing demand for alternative methods of marijuana consumption. Marijuana beverages are the hot topic of discussion on most forums. These beverages allow easy absorption of cannabis into the body. And, unlike edibles, they have a low-fat content. Also, they do not carry … Continue reading Marijuana Beverages


How The Cannabis Industry Is Creating Jobs

Marijuana is now legal for recreational use in many states such as Colorado, Washington, and California. It is estimated that the marijuana industry has created over 200,000 new jobs even though this is quite a modest estimate. According to a report from the New Frontier Data, the cannabis market will have created more than 250,000 … Continue reading How The Cannabis Industry Is Creating Jobs


Is A “Contact High” A Real Thing?

Is contact high a real thing? To follow this question, you must first understand what a ‘contact high’ is. A contact high is when an otherwise sober person comes into close proximity to or interacts with someone who has been using marijuana. There have been claims of contact highs from people who were around marijuana. … Continue reading Is A “Contact High” A Real Thing?


Easy Hydroponics For Home Growers

If you are a new grower, you have probably been overwhelmed by all the growing methods and literature out there. If you do your research, however, you will find that the best way to grow marijuana is through hydroponics. Hydroponics means that the plant grows in either a bath or a flow of highly oxygenated … Continue reading Easy Hydroponics For Home Growers


Who Are The Largest Marijuana Growers?

Weed growing is the backbone of the Cannabis industry. This is because all the derivative products come from the raw flower, and without it, there would be no cannabis sales. The growers face stiff regulation and the industry is dominated by cash because of fears and banking regulations. Ever wonder who is growing weed out … Continue reading Who Are The Largest Marijuana Growers?