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Is A “Contact High” A Real Thing?

Is contact high a real thing? To follow this question, you must first understand what a ‘contact high’ is. A contact high is when an otherwise sober person comes into close proximity to or interacts with someone who has been using marijuana. There have been claims of contact highs from people who were around marijuana. … Continue reading Is A “Contact High” A Real Thing?


Easy Hydroponics For Home Growers

If you are a new grower, you have probably been overwhelmed by all the growing methods and literature out there. If you do your research, however, you will find that the best way to grow marijuana is through hydroponics. Hydroponics means that the plant grows in either a bath or a flow of highly oxygenated … Continue reading Easy Hydroponics For Home Growers


Weed Lovers Guide To Oregon

Recreational marijuana was legalized in Oregon in July 2015. With the passage of this law, adults 21 years old and above can buy, use, and possess marijuana. Since then recreational dispensaries and events have sprouted all over the state. Planning a trip to Oregon? Here’s what you need to know about 420 while there. Possession … Continue reading Weed Lovers Guide To Oregon


Who Are The Largest Marijuana Growers?

Weed growing is the backbone of the Cannabis industry. This is because all the derivative products come from the raw flower, and without it, there would be no cannabis sales. The growers face stiff regulation and the industry is dominated by cash because of fears and banking regulations. Ever wonder who is growing weed out … Continue reading Who Are The Largest Marijuana Growers?


Finding 420 love

This is the digital age and dating has become hard. Meeting people in an old-fashioned way may sound ideal, but rarely happens. The good news is that there are online services and dating apps to help reduce the stress and bring together like-minded lovers. For those who indulge in consuming marijuana finding a fellow 420 … Continue reading Finding 420 love


Marijuana Decriminalization In Atlanta

In summary: The proposed ordinance seeks to amend the local law so that possession of up to 1 ounce of the weed is punishable by a maximum of $75. Punishment for being in possession of the stated amount of marijuana will become a citation like in the case of a traffic ticket. There will be … Continue reading Marijuana Decriminalization In Atlanta

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Getting A Marijuana Prescription

Are you wondering how you can get a marijuana prescription? Medical marijuana programs are becoming increasingly acceptable across the United States. In fact, in almost half the Union, state-issued ID cards are provided to patients with eligible conditions who properly undertake the application process. How to get a marijuana prescription To get the prescription, it … Continue reading Getting A Marijuana Prescription


10 Best Products For Cleaning Your Bong

The cleanliness of your bong will impact your next smoke session. A clean bong will bring out all the intricate flavors of quality weed. On the other hand, thick resin build-up ruins the flavors and your highs. In a nutshell, clean equipment ensures excellent airflow, circulation, and full bud flavor. For a clean bong, you … Continue reading 10 Best Products For Cleaning Your Bong


Naming Weed Strains

Funny weed strain names such as Black Beauty, Buddha’s Sister, and Super Glue leave you wondering how weed strains are named. Some names sound well thought while most sound random. After exploring the names, you are left wondering whether there is a particular formula for naming strains. Read on to find out. The origin of … Continue reading Naming Weed Strains


How CBD Oil Helps Seizure Patients

30% of epileptic patients are resistant to conventional seizure control medication. These patients suffer frequent, unpredictable seizures; a phenomenon that affects the quality of their lives. In 2013, one such patient was reported to have reduced frequency and intensity of seizures. 6-year old Charlotte Figi could not walk, talk, or eat, as she experienced 300 … Continue reading How CBD Oil Helps Seizure Patients