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Cannabis For Sparking Creativity

The effect that marijuana has on creativity has been long established in the stoner community and beyond. Many recording artists, actors, writers, and painters have attributed part of their creative prowess to the use of marijuana. Outside the ‘art’ community, numerous other luminaries have admitted to using marijuana at some points in their lives for … Continue reading Cannabis For Sparking Creativity


Laughing Out Loud

One of the most common (almost to a stereotypical level) effects of marijuana are that it causes uncontrollable laughter to its users. This is usually considered to be an enjoyable part of the experience, although it can affect you if you get an uncontrollable laughing fit while at work or within an inappropriate social setting. … Continue reading Laughing Out Loud

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Great Mobile Apps For Marijuana Users

While recreational marijuana usage has not yet achieved legalization on a federal level, it has received mainstream acceptance in the society on a nationwide level. You no longer have to hide your love for weed; the 420 community now exists openly. With a mainstream appeal, the tech industry has responded by creating mobile apps to … Continue reading Great Mobile Apps For Marijuana Users


Holiday Gift Guide For Weed Lovers

The holiday season is fast approaching, and with the increasing legalization of weed, it has never been a better time for finding weed-related gifts for the marijuana enthusiast in your life. When it comes to gifting weed lovers, the options are endless. You can gift your friend/family member the latest in terms of marijuana paraphernalia, … Continue reading Holiday Gift Guide For Weed Lovers


Weed Friendly TV

Weed has been a big part of the American entertainment scene. It is an occurring theme that ‘creative types’ thrive on marijuana usage. Big names such as Cheech & Chong, Snoop Dogg (formerly known as Snoop Lion) and Seth Rogen are some of the most famous weed enthusiasts who have gained mainstream success. When it … Continue reading Weed Friendly TV


Becoming A Budtender

The recent legalization of marijuana in several states is creating lots of jobs. One of the most profitable jobs in the marijuana industry is the job of a budtender. As a weed fanatic and close follower of our blog, you are probably familiar with this term. However, do you really know who a budtender is … Continue reading Becoming A Budtender


Cannabis Cafe’s

Did you know it is legal to provide a safe place for people to take weed? Yes, weed might still be illegal in most US states, but cannabis cafes are legal. Anyone aged 21 and above can walk into a cannabis cafe with their own supplies. These cafes operate much like a regular coffee shop. … Continue reading Cannabis Cafe’s


Recreational Weed For Newbies

The US is now almost ‘a marijuana country’. About 70 million of Americans live in the 8 states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Actually, half of the country has some laws allowing the use of marijuana. The implication of this data is that there are more people, including you, contemplating on trying weed … Continue reading Recreational Weed For Newbies


Marijuana Street Names 

There is no drug on the planet with more street names than marijuana. Some street names are unique to the geographical area, while most come from the intoxicating feeling, the physical appearance, the aroma, or the high-quality they provide. But, the main reason there are so many names is that, as many people get to … Continue reading Marijuana Street Names