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Fall Cannabis Events across the USA

Fall is upon us, giving us the last chance to enjoy outdoor festivals and events before winter weather kicks in. With the growing legal and social tolerance to cannabis over the past few years, there has never been a better time to meet up with other members of the 420 community at a cannabis event … Continue reading Fall Cannabis Events across the USA


How Does Cannabis Affect Your Memory?

Memory loss is one of the negative effects that have been attributed to marijuana use over the years. This is an issue that has been the subject of numerous research studies, with the results often seeming to be contradictory. Most pot users know that your memory is slightly impaired when you are experiencing your high. … Continue reading How Does Cannabis Affect Your Memory?


Can You Counteract An Intense High?

Every stoner has, at some point, experienced an uncomfortably intense high. It could be due to overindulgence on your part or by sampling a new strain whose strength you had underestimated. People who are still new to ingesting edibles are particularly susceptible since it is very difficult to gauge your tolerance while partaking. Luckily, there … Continue reading Can You Counteract An Intense High?


The Latest And Greatest Vapes

The marijuana industry has heavily embraced technology. And one of the benefits has been the development of vapes. While some marijuana enthusiasts are purists who enjoy smoking ‘traditionally’, either due to health concerns or simply out of preference, the number of people who prefer to get their high through vaping is increasing. While vaping apparatus … Continue reading The Latest And Greatest Vapes


Cool Products For Your Camping Trip

If you are planning a camping trip within a 420 friendly campsite, you will quickly learn that nothing beats enjoying a toke (or edibles) while surrounded by nature. With more states legalizing or reducing restrictions, on recreational marijuana use; every stoner needs to experience the sensation of enjoying their favorite marijuana products surrounded by nature. … Continue reading Cool Products For Your Camping Trip


Weed Is Entering The Pet Industry

As of 2016, the pet industry in America was estimated to be worth upwards of 65 Billion dollars. Americans love their pets and are not afraid of spending money on them. It is, therefore, not surprising to learn that the marijuana industry has already started making in-roads into the pet industry. While the Cannabis industry’s … Continue reading Weed Is Entering The Pet Industry


Cannabis Revenue Is Hard To Resist

The annual tax revenue the United States stands to gain from marijuana legalization in all 50 states clocks in at over $ 3 billion. These numbers are in accordance with the personal finance website Nerdwallet. The figure could even be higher seeing as the amount has not taken into account the tax revenue garnered from … Continue reading Cannabis Revenue Is Hard To Resist


420 Bed & Breakfast

The number 420 holds a special place in stoner world but the origin is often debated. Some claim that 420 denotes the total number of chemical compounds in a marijuana bud while others assert that it’s the police code for a pot-related crime. Whatever the origin of the story, it’s not hard to deduce what … Continue reading 420 Bed & Breakfast


Weed Friendly Threads

The internet has made interacting with people of similar interests across the world much easier than before. It is common to find online communities bringing together people of diverse ages and nationalities onto one platform making interaction easier. Cannabis enthusiasts have not been left behind as a number of community forums or threads have been … Continue reading Weed Friendly Threads


 Chefs Using Cannabis

Laws surrounding cannabis are relaxing in the United States making its use in fine dining much more acceptable. Pot lovers can now enjoy meals infused with weed when eating out giving them a chance to take in their drug of choice as part of the menu. The preparation of these meals is often done by … Continue reading  Chefs Using Cannabis