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Recycle Your Stems Using These Amazing Tips

We’ve all been there, sifting through stems and seeds to get to the good stuff. When you live the cannabis lifestyle, chances are you’ve probably thrown away one of the best parts of the plant that can be used for other things such as teas and butter. In this week’s blog, we give you a … Continue reading Recycle Your Stems Using These Amazing Tips


Cannabis Current Events

If there’s one thing you can always count on, marijuana will always be a big topic in the news. From legalizing to medicinal there’s so many trends and issues that it’s sometimes hard to keep up. However, we at High There always have our eye on what’s trending within the industry. Our reporters and bloggers … Continue reading Cannabis Current Events


Frozen 420 Smoothie Recipes that Will Flip Your Lid!

As many of you already know, two items are extra healthy for you and are both delicious. One would be smoothies that are an excellent way to start your day, finish a workout or enjoy as a hard food supplement. The other of course is our favorite ingredient to add to these lovely recipes, otherwise … Continue reading Frozen 420 Smoothie Recipes that Will Flip Your Lid!

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Head Shop History

A head shop is a store where products of interest to cannabis users are sold. This paraphernalia includes home décor, clothing, magazines, antiques, and cannabis accessories. The history of head shops in America dates back in the 1960s.  Although the origin of the name ‘head shop’ is not clear, it may have been coined from … Continue reading Head Shop History


Hottest Weed Strains Right Now

Not all weed is good weed. No, there’s the good stuff and there are knock-offs. You can plant the Cannabis in the best conditions possible, heck; you can even greenhouse the whole yard. But only specific marijuana strains can give you the best high. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC in short, is the holy grail that gives … Continue reading Hottest Weed Strains Right Now


Legal In Vegas Your Favorite Herb

Rolling into tight circles as they all line up under the bright lights of Las Vegas. The Friday night revelry is littered with party buses and limousines as more people continue to stretch down around dispensaries. The night is not a typical partying night in the nightclub; the air is filled with unusual excitement! Guess … Continue reading Legal In Vegas Your Favorite Herb


Fresh Weed! Best Way To Store Your Stash

If you pick your stash tonight, smoke some of it this weekend and keep some for the next weekend, will it still be fresh? What if you find some nuggets tucked in your winter jacket from a last year’s snowboarding trip?  – Will it still be good? When stored improperly, cannabis dries out, and within … Continue reading Fresh Weed! Best Way To Store Your Stash


Colorado Cannabis Tours

Ever wanted to have the most epic and high experience of your life? I’m talking an experience that will leave you awed like a ten-year old that just had her first Disney World experience. Then the Colorado Cannabis tour is your to go place. Why Colorado, you may ask. Well, Colorado is like Vegas for … Continue reading Colorado Cannabis Tours


Best Weed Movies! Cheech And Chong Started It All

There’ s no better way to pass time than watching weed movies when on cloud nine. The High There! team has the craziest collection of best weed movies of all time. Let’s have a look at them. Cheech and Chong’s Immortal Trilogy (1978 – 1981) Cheech and Chong are undeniably the OGs of weed movies. … Continue reading Best Weed Movies! Cheech And Chong Started It All